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We are committed to ruthlessly discovering and delivering you information and access to the most impactful, stimulating activities for your ambitious teen. We carefully vet each listed service provider, activity, and resource before accepting them into the Impressive Teens directory.

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Do you offer a camp, service, scholarship, internship, after-school opportunity, or other extracurricular for motivated teens? If so and you’re looking to get your offering in front of the most ambitious, enthusiastic, and driven teens (and parents) out there, apply to add your listing to Impressive Teens.
Nearly 80% of consumers turn to directories with reviews to find a local business;
when it comes to opportunities for teens, parents are the most discerning of audiences – as they should be.
At Impressive Teens, we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standard of up-to-date information
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Parents: Simply search for a type of activity and optionally location in the above search bar, and you’ll find countless (and growing) options! You can also select a category (such as “Camps”, “College Prep Resources”, or “Extracurricular Enrichment” etc.) to discovery various opportunities. Within certain categories, there may be sub-categories, like “STEM” or “Cultural Arts”, etc., so you may further narrow your search and find the best fit option for your teen.

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If you offer a high-quality program for ambitious teens that you’d like to share with our audience, you can create a listing and choose your preferred plan. You can also promote your listing to ensure optimal reach to our audience and stand out among the many impressive providers.

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