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Until the release of the upcoming “Careers for Kids” book series!

A series of early reading books for precocious young readers to learn about future careers in a fun, engaging, cinematic way through short, but intriguing fictional stories that impart wisdom, introduce educational topics, and spark curiosity and further learning.

"Careers for Kids" Book Series coming soon!

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These books are the perfect gift for young, early, and intermediate readers who are transitioning into chapter books. Readers ages 6 – 8 are a great fit, though we’ve had parents of kids as young as 4 and 5 use them for guided reading with a little parent involvement, as well as kids 8 to 10 enjoy them alone (dependent on reading level and interest in the book’s specific “career” topic).

The “Careers for Kids” book series was created with young readers, inquisitive learners, and ambitious kids in mind. The series is full of colorful, vivid imagery that has a “Pixar-like” feel to keep kids engaged as they expand their minds, knowledge, and vocabulary through these inspiring and educational fictional stories that probe diverse careers and industries.

Having operated hands-on educational programs for years in the business and entrepreneurship space, we’ve heard a resounding request from parents of elementary-age kids:
They want their kids to fall in love with learning and be challenged, engaged, and entertained.

They want books and experiences that will broaden their children’s horizons, spark interests in new topics, and help them find and explore their passions. Additionally, they seek books that will inspire their children to explore their future potential and challenge them to think about new opportunities in creative ways. Furthermore, they want a series that helps foster a love of reading and shape a generation intrigued by books, rather than solely screens.

That’s exactly what we’ve aimed to deliver with the “Careers for Kids” series.

Books will be available on Amazon starting later this summer, with the first release slated for mid-June 2023. We’ll add a link here to our Amazon page once the first book goes live! If you’d like to get on the pre-order list, just send us an email.

"These books are the perfect gift !" - Teacher & mom of 2

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